Sri Venkateshwara Vedic University Traditional and General Courses Admissions Notification 2017

Sri Venkateshwara Vedic University Traditional and General Courses Admissions Notification 2017:

Sri Venkateshwara Vedic University has issued Admission Notification 2017-2018 and the vedic university invites applications from the eligible regular candidates for admission into Traditional Courses Sastri (B.A.), Acharya (M.A), Visishtacharya (M.Phil.) and Vidyavaridhi (Ph.D.).and General Courses B.A.,B.Sc., M.A.Sri Venkateshara Vedic University Admission 2017 Notification more details like application form, eligibility, admission procedure, scheme of examination and more information given below...

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Sri Venkateshwara Vedic University Traditional and General Courses Admissions Notification 2017

University: Sri Venkateshwara Vedic University

Category: Admissions

Traditional Courses: Sastri (B.A.), Acharya (M.A), Visishtacharya (M.Phil.) and Vidyavaridhi (Ph.D.)

General Courses: B.A/ B.Sc/ M.A

Last Date to apply: 01-06-2017


About Sri Venkateshwara Vedic University:

Words fail to praise His Excellency, Shri Rameshwar Thakur Ji, the First Chancellor of S. V. Vedic University. But for his sincere efforts, that were positively responded by the State Government of Andhra Pradesh and Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams, the Vedic University would nit have come into existence. The university has begun its endeavour to achieve academic excellence in teaching, research and publications. While strengthening the tradition of recitation in Vedas, Agamas and Paurohithya, the University wants to produce comprehensive Vedic Scholars, who understand the Mantras they recite. With this intention, the Vedic University has started degree and PG courses in Veda Bhashya. The Vedic University is committed to spread the message of Vedas through the younger generations. For this purpose, The University is going to introduce an integrated course (B.A., + M.A.) in Vedic studies for the benefit of the students in general education system. This creative idea came from the great visionary, Sri B. Karunakar Reddy Garu, Honourable Chairman, TTD Trust Board, in the Executive Council Meeting held on 25.03.2008. My sincere thanks to him. The University wants to open up new branches of Adhyayana courses in Samaveda, ec. Through the programme Vedasandesa, the University is trying to speed up the vedic message among the common people. It is our aim that the Research and Publication department of this Universtiy should significantly contribute and bring aout such works that serve the need of the hour, while eternalizing the Vedic wisdom

Application Form and Prospectus:

The application form and prospectus can be obtained in person, free of cost from the undersigned or can be downloaded from the University website

Medium of Instruction: 

All the subjects in Acharya course deal with the main subjects and the medium of instruction and examination will be Sanskrit only.

Admission Procedure:

Admissions are based on the Entrance Test and knowledge of Sanskrit is essential for all courses.

Scheme of Examination:

All subjects the Examinations shall be both written and oral

#Part-I (Main Subject) : Oral Test for 60 Marks dealing with the main Subjects concerned in the level of eligibility prescribed for the course.

#Part-II (Ancillary Subject): Written test in Sanskrit for 30 Marks and written test in English for10 Marks to test the candidates acquaintance with the two languages.


Sanskrit: Laghusiddhantakaumudi upto the end of Halsandhi prakarana and Raghuvamsa 1st canto. And a short essay of 5 sentences in Sanskrit. Objective type test except the eassay (30 Marks-written)

English: Correction of sentences, writing Paragraphs on a given topic; Direct and Indirect Speech. (10 Marks writte - objective type test).

SASTRI (B.A.) ELIGIBILITY (Age 17-22 years)
Kramanta in (1)Rigveda (2)Krishnayajurveda (3)Suklayajurveda(Kanva/Madhyandina) (4) Atharvaveda(Shounaka) and (5)Rahasyanta in Samaveda(Kouthuma/Jaiminiya/Ranayaniya) Successful Adhyayana of Moola (Samhita + Brahmana) portion of respective Veda
Pratishthanta in (6) Vaikhanasagama, (7)Pancharatragama and (8) Saivagama Successful Adhyayana of Brahmotsavanta portion of respective Agama
Sodasa Samskaranta in pourohityas (9) Aswalayana (10)Apastamba (11)Vaikhanasa(Astadasa Samskarantha) (12) Paraskara and Successful Adhyayana of Upanayananta part in respective Sutra.
Vidyaranyabhashya in (13)Rigveda (14)Krishnayajurveda (15)Suklayajurveda (Kanva/Madhyandina) (16)Samaveda and (17)Atharvaveda Successful Adhyayana of Moola (Samhita + Brahmana) in respective Veda
(18) Kalpa (Srauta) Mulanta Adhyayana of any Veda
(19) Mimamsa Mulanta Adhyayana of any Veda with knowledge of Sanskrit or pass in 10+2 pattern or its equivalent qualification with Sanskrit subject.
Ghananta in (1) Rigveda (2) Krishnayajurveda (3) Suklayajurveda (Kanva) Pass in Kramantha in respective Veda.
(4 ) Lakshananta in Samaveda (Kouthuma/Jaiminiya/Ranayaniya) 5. Lakshananta in Atharvaveda Completed Rahasyanta portion Completed Pada Patham
Agama in (6)Vaikhanasa (7)Pancharatra and (8) Saiva Pass in Pratishtanta portion in respective Agama
Pourohitya in (9) Aswalayana (10) Apastamba Pass in Shodasa Samskaranta portion in respective Sutra
(11)   Paraskara
(12)   Vaikhanasa Pass in Ashtadasa Samskaranta portion
Vidyaranyabhashya in (13) Rigveda (14) Krishnayajurveda (15) Suklayajurveda (Kanva/Madhyandina) (16) Samaveda and (17) Atharvaveda Pass in Sastri or equivalent course in concerned Vedabhashya
(18) Mimamsa Pass in Sastri/equivalent degree in concerned subject from recognized Institution/University
Veda, Vedabhashya, Pourohitya, Agama and Mimamsa Acharya/M.A./equivalent qualification with 55% of marks in the concerned subject from a recognized University.
VIDYAVARIDHI (Ph.D.) ELIGIBILITY( Min. age 22 years)
Vidyavaridhi Pass in P.G. course with 55% from a recognized University/Institution in any of the subjects offered by the Vedic University.

Important Dates:

#The last date for receipt of the filled-in application Sastri and Acharya Courses in the office is 01-6-2017.
#Last date for Visistacharya (M.Phil) and Vidyavaridhi (Ph.D) Courses is 01-6-2017.
#Date of Entrance Test : 19th (written), 20th (Oral test), 21st (Interview) of June, 2017 at 10.00 A.M.

Venue: S.V.Vedic University, Alipiri-Chandragiri By-pass Road, Tirupati. 517 502.

Facilities/Incentives: In addition to free accommodation, boarding and clothing substantial cash incentives will be given to each student admitted for traditional Course other than M.Phil. For further details, please refer to the prospectus.
Contact Ph.No: 09000688969, 0877-2264651, 9492184039, 8330938742

Important Links:

#Sri Venkateshwara Vedic University Application form- ----Download Here

#Sri Venkateshwara Vedic University Website:

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