School, District, State Level Chekumuki Science Test 2017 under JVV Chekumuki Science Sambaralu

Chekumuki Science Sambaralu 2016, School, District and State Level Chekumuki Science Test 2016, Jana Vignana Vedika Science Programmes, Chekumuki Tests, Chekumuki Science Test Schedule, Theme of Test and more details provided here. JVV  School, District and State Level Chekumuki Science Test 2017 in Telangana: Chekumuki Science Sambaralu: Science we can't imagine our life with out this. In such a way, we are bounded with Science. In day to day development of our world science plays a vital role. With out science, there are no inventions and with out inventions, there is no development either it is economically or Medically. If we observe, even today many are leaving their lives due to superstitions which are deeply involved in the country people/ villagers. To demolish such superstitions we have to educate them and make involve in some science programmes that which plays dual role like to make them educate and they make their surrounding people to educate like family member.

Chekumuki Science Test,JVV,Chekumuki Science Sambaralu
1. Test name: Chekumuki Science Test 2017
2. Theme of Test: Harithaharam
3. Which levels to conducted: School, Mandal, District and State Level
4. Which classes are participated: 8th, 9th,10th classes students
5. Schedule of Chekumuki Science Test 2016:
JVV conduct this programme in four(4) levels -
a. School Level on 07/11/2017,
b. Mandal Level on 17/11/2017,
c. District Level on 27/11/2017 and
d. State Level on 11 & 12/11/2017.

To develop, to create interest among science to know reasoning for every action of science in children. Many organizations are taking part like Jana Vignana Vedika. From past 20 years onward Chekumuki Tests have been organized by JVV among the children. It is the programme to create the interest on science and make them participate actively. The JVV has been organizing various programmes to the Educational Institutions to improve the education standards of the standards of the students. In this programme the lakhs of students are participating actively.This programme is being attracted by not only the students but also the parents, school managements and intellectuals.

Jana Vignana Vedika (JVV), a voluntary science organization has been working for the past 28 years in our state to inculcate scientific temper among the masses in general and particularly among the students. JVV has district units in all districts of the state as well as mandal and town units, through which activities of science popularization spreads throughout the state. With a membership of thousands of people, comprising various walks of life like Scientists, Professors, Doctors, Engineers, Lecturers, Teachers, Businessmen, Youth, College Students,etc. JVV is considered as one of the largest people's science movement organizations in India. GOI has bestowed on JVV the highest national award, National Award for Outstanding Efforts in Science Communication for the year 2005. Eminent scientists like Dr. P. M. Bhargava, Dr. D. Balasubramaniyan, Dr. Mehtab S. Bamji, Dr. Ch. Mohan Rao, etc., are the guiding spirits behind us.

Apart from continuous activities on the calls given by National and International Agencies like UNO, GOI, etc., JVV has published so for many books with more than 200 titles targeting children and adult readers with the support from Govt and reputed Agencies on various topics. JVV has been successfully running science monthly, VIDYARTHI CHEKUMUKI in Telugu for school children since 1990.

On the name of Vidyarth Chekumuki magazine, JVV have been conducting a massive school-based activity-Chekumuki Science Sambaralu for the past two decades. The main objective of this activity is to make science learning an easy and interesting work for both the students and the teachers. Perhaps, this is the biggest school-based activity in our state where the participation of students in lakhs is ensured. Around 5 lakh students participated from all 10 districts of Telangana in this programme last year 2015.

School, Mandal, District and State Level Chekumuki Science Test: Students of 8, 9,10 classes participate individually at the school level only and then onwards, a school team will be formed with the top one student of 8,9 & 10 classes and this team represents the school in all higher levels. Encouraging the team spirit among the students is the reason behind this procedure.

Scheme of Test:
The School and Mandal level tests will be in objective format, the District level will include Quiz round also and finally the State level test will incorporate Experiments along with Field Visit. All the questions will be based on the general science understanding of our surroundings only.

Them of  the Test: 
The unique feature of this year test is that we have chosen the topic of Harithaharam as our theme of the test in the lines of the recent program our Telangana State Government. 

This is to bring your kind notice that your department has been giving support in all these years to this programme, without which we can't organize alone. Hence, JVV request you to kindly permit us this year also to organize this activity in the schools. So pleas issue the permission letter at the earliest.

Science Test Schedule:
This year schedule the School level test on November 7th (Birthday of Dr. C.V. Raman) in the school premises itself, Mandal Level on 15th November at Mandal headquarters, District level on 27th November (Sunday) at District head quarters and State level on 10th & 11th December, 2016 Khammam

Learn Science!                 Think Science!                Practice Science!

School, District and State Level Chekumuki Science Test 2017
The JNV has issued School, District and State Level Chekumuki Science Test 2016 Notification in this regarding. The Jana Vignana Vedika, a National Award winning voluntary science organization, is actively involved, for nearly three decades, in popularization of science among masses and school children and inculcation of scientific temper among them. As you know, our organization is holding every year, a mega science event, known as "chekumuki science festival" at school, mandal, district and finally at state levels which consists of several fun science activities including quizzes and tests to promote knowledge of science among school children.

This year, the school level Chekumuki Science Test will be conducted on 07-11-2017, Mandal level test on 15-11-2017, District level test on 27-11-2017 and finally, the state level festival on 11th and 12th December, 2017 at District Venue(Kothagudem). Through the proceedings of the Commissioner and Director of School Education, cited at Reference: Proceeedings Rc.No.224, Dated:26th October, 2017; the Government of Telangana have given permission to hold this Festival and informed of all the District Educational Officers accordingly.

The Chekumuki Science Festival is very unique and has won the appreciation of all science teachers and academicians. The JVV would request to all the schools, kindly hold the School level Chekumuki Science Test for students of 8th, 9th and 10th classes only on 07-11-2017 at your school in large members by collecting a nominal entry fee of Rs.5 per student.

General Instructions for Schools
  1. The Test held separately and parallel for Telugu and English medium students
  2. As per your requirement, JJVV hand over the question papers along with KEY in sealed covers to you one day before the Test
  3. All 50 questions of the Test are of multiple choice type and 80 percent questions from the syllabus of 8th, 9th and 10th class science subjects and 20 percent are from general studies
  4. Kindly evaluate the test papers with key supplied and depute the best student in each class and to form a 3-Members School Team in each medium(Telugu and English) to participate in the next level, i.e., Mandal Level to be held at Mandal Head Quarters on 15-11-2017.
  5. Best team in each medium from both Government and Private Schools, separately at the Mandal Level, will be selected to participate in the District Level Science Test to be held on 27-11-2017 at the respective District Headquarters.
  6. Best Team, to participate in the State Level Test, in each medium from both Govt. and Private Schools, separately will be deputed to participate in the State Level Science Festival to be held on 11th and 12th December, 2017 at District Venue(Khammam)
  7. Fabulous Prizes and Participation Certificates will be given away for the teams
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