Salaries Payment in Telangana New Districts for October 2016

Payment of Salaries in Telangana New Districts for October 2016. Govt Of Telangana, Finance Department - Formation of New Districts Revenue Divisions and Mandals in Telangana State - Payment of Salaries& Pensions for the month of October 2016 at old place of drawl - Orders - Issued.
G.O.Ms.No.126, Dated:24.09.2016 - ORDER: Consequent to the formation new districts re-organisation of Districts;Revenue Division & Mandals in the State of Telangana, and in order to avoid hardship to the employees and pensioner due to dislocation Government after careful consideration of the matter hereby issues the following orders.
Salaries Payment,Telangana New Districts,Govt Employees

1. For the month of October 2016 all salaries and pensions shall be drawn and disbursed at the old station irrespective of actual place of work and location of pensions.

2. For the employees transferred to new locations, the rate of HRA prevailing in old station shall be allowed as a special dispensation, for the month of October
2016 only.

3. From the month of November 2016 onwards the place of drawl of salary shall be at the actual place of discharge of duties for employees, the rate of HRA shall be drawn as per orders in vogue and in respective places.

4. In order to avoid any l:?ind of inconvenience to the Pensioners they can draw the monthly pension through bonks at actual place of settlement I living or Opt to new District /Sub Treasuries as per requirement.

5. The DTOs of respective districts shall follow the above instructions scrupulously and shall not give scope of any kind of complaint.

In case of any grievance the DDOs shall consult OTA (T) Hyderabad for redressal.

All the Heads Secretariat Departments and HODs are requested to issue suitable instructions to all the DDOs worKing and their respective administrative control in this regard.

Salaries Payment in Telangana New Districts for October 2016

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